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Weardex, Fashion Visual Search

Developer: GemSwipe Ltd.

Sometimes it is difficult to describe in (the right) words that amazing fashion item you spotted on social media, in a magazine, in a TV show or on the street. Well, if you want to find a matching or a visually similar fashion item in a shop, all you have to do is take a photo with Weardex and we will point you to it in a snap.
Visual search will do the trick!
Search By Image - Take a photo, upload a photo from your phone gallery or insert an image URL. Weardex will then showcase visually similar items in a second, without the need to manually crop on the product or choose a category.
Find Similar/ You May Also Like - Browse through our fashion categories and choose an item that sparks your interest. The app will help you fine tune your search for the perfect product, pointing to more and more visually similar items.
Social Media Inspiration - The app includes our Instagram feed of street photography. If anything inspires you, simply tap on an image and you can find visually similar fashion products to buy.
Color Search - Simply choose a color from the color palette and you can find fashion products that resemble that exact shade.
About Weardex
Weardex is a demo app built by ViSenze to showcase its visual search technology on fashion e-commerce. The app uses a database of 1 million women fashion items.
About ViSenze
ViSenze is a machine intelligence company that provides visual search technology to e-commerce businesses and image libraries in various verticals.
It allows mobile and desktop platforms to add Search By Image, Find Similar and Color Search functionalities on their own databases, so that their end-users enjoy a great search experience.
ViSenze was founded in 2012 by technology entrepreneurs and scientists, and has built advanced proprietary visual search and image recognition technology. The company’s featured customers are: Flipkart, Lazada, Zalora, Caratlane, Patsnap and more.
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